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  The World's Unexplored Hot Spots

After a couple of months on Gran Canaria and a longer than usual stay on Maui, it was time to move. We were just a few friends, all surfers and windsurfers searching for new locations.

Travelling the world has allowed me to experience places of incredible unspoilt beauty. In the pages attached, my friends and I will share these experiences with you. I hope we have succeeded in recreating a glimpse of what is available in this amazing planet we all call home. We will try to keep the site up-to-date, so please revisit us whenever you can.
The Search goes on!

I would like to thank all the participants for their contributions. Thanks also to my sponsors, without whom the whole project would not have been possible. Have a look at their sites, you will find lots of surf action there.
My latest trip went to Kalaupapa

  New Search Video on DVD available • New Search Video on DVD available  

Maui, Hawaii
I often come to Hawaii, exspecially for board and sail testing. Most of the shots taken through the last years are from Hookipa Beach.
Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria is where I spent most of my time. In this photo gallery you will find some of the best pictures from the last years.
People who saw the Search Video asked me
for some pictures from Jaws.
Here you will find a poster taken by J. Houyvet.
The Search Videos
Here it is: Bjorn`s brandnew video. Jump on the global search and explore never before windsurfed reefs such as Bali and Mentawai. See also action in perfect spots like Fiji, Jaws, Pozo, Vargas...

Cape Verde
Down the line sailing in Cape Verde - a photo gallery.

Trip 1
The ultimate windsurfing odyssey to Kadavu on Fiji Islands.

Trip 2
Bali. Wind, waves and religious offerings!


Trip 3
Sumatra, Mantawai Islands. Another boat trip!

Trip 4
Chillin' in CHILE, the ultimate roadtrip.
3800 km up & down the coastline.


Trip 5
Western Australia. Tales from a campfire!

Trip 6  New!
A boat trip to virgin waves.

The Search goes on!

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