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Bjorn Dunkerbeck: I have been coming to Hawaii for as long as I can remember. It is one of the most consistently windy and wavy places in the world and possesses unique tropical beauty, so I always look forward to the opportunity of coming back. To have the opportunity to visit a remote spot only accessible by boat and ride a wave that has only ever been windsurfed by us, a group of good friends, was great. A true break from normal daily routine.


Scott Carvill: Having grown up here in Hawaii, I have to say that it really is the best. Sure some parts are too crowded but if you have any motivation and know how you can easily escape. North swells, south swells, trade winds, dead winds, warm water, what else can you say. So making the decision to go on this trip was fuelled by the adventure of it all. I love to go places where few or no people have gone before. Sure we can stay at our local breaks and be happy sailing with everyone else, but to get away from everyone and discover something new and especially good as this place feels really good.

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Vittorio Marcelli: I live most of the year on the island of Maui as there is something totally unique about the air: it’s filled with life and chi. This makes the people energetic and incredibly happy. I love windsurfing, which is a love of the pure experience: the wind, the waves and a few great friends. Therefore to have the opportunity to go on a trip to a place like Kaulapapa, is part of the search for another pure perfect experience - which is what we found.


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Robby Naish: Everything about Hawaii is special. It is the most isolated spot in the world, in terms of its distance from any continent. Being in the middle of the Pacific has created some very special circumstances, especially in terms of winds and waves, but also culturally and geographically. It is a great place to live, and a great place to windsurf. As for motivation for going on a trip like this, its the pure enjoyment of riding waves with a few friends.


Boat trips, the boat and the camaraderie amongst the 14 man crew.


Tristan Boxford: I must say that boat trips are the ideal kind of trip for me, as you are right in the thick of things without having to negotiate traffic, parking or any of those logistical hassles. Instead you have a firm mooring and not a soul around except for your travelling companions and the waves. It brings back all the fond memories of our trip to Fiji, our last boat trip on the Search Tour, and these two definitely rate as my favourites so far. What’s more, the ‘acquatic Hilton’ that we were given for those few days, really was luxurious, with every kind of comfort you could ever want on a trip. As far as the camaraderie amongst the crew went, we are all good friends and came on the trip with one thing in my mind: to ride perfect waves with no-one else around, so everything went extremely smoothly. The captain and crew were all friends too and it was great to get the chance to spend time with them on a trip like this – John, Doc, Kohl and Brice, thanks for all your efforts. The only sad thing was that Scott was such a sore loser at Scrabble!

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