Sumatra - Mantawai

Another boat trip
by Bjorn Dunkerbeck


I have to say that my favorite way to travel is definitely on a boat. I can have all my toys with me and ready to go at all times: my windsurf boards, surfboards, snorkel and fishing gear and the rest! It is a complete lifestyle that allows you to make the most of each and every moment of the day. It also allows you to spend quality times with your close friends, away from everything, far from the routine of everyday life.

Titanic (click to enlarge)   

More known as a surfing destination, this place can be really good for windsurfing too, if luck and mother nature are on your side.What's more, it is so beautiful and untouched here that the urge to search formore is over powering. The potential for epic set-ups around the hundreds of little islands that make up this beautiful area is quite simply mind blowing.


   E-11 entering the wave (click to enlarge)

The surfing was out of this world, as was the windsurfing, when it happened. Perhaps the greatest thing about the windsurfing that I scored there, was that no one had ever sailed on these breaks before - this, for me, is what 'the search' is all about. It is just great to get away from it all - no phones, no cars and quite simply no noise. The whole trip was just so peaceful and relaxing, just what was needed after the World Cup in Pozo and two weeks in Bali.


As always, it was great to for me to see new places, experience new cultures andmeet new people whilst enjoying some great surfing and windsurfing.


The crew:
Sugar - surfer and diver;
Keith - surfer and diver;
Gary - surfer and chiropractor;
Campbell - surfer and diver;
Phil surfer and diver;
Shelley - surfer girl and snorkler;
Futsi - cameraman; Jason - photographer
and myself, Bjorn, the pleasure seeker - windsurfer, surfer and diver.

On the following pages you will find a gallery of fotos from our trip.

See you all on the 'Search'!

Dinner (click to enlarge)   

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